Measure Eyebrows For Correct Length And Height

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Many people fail to appreciate the significance of having well groomed eyebrows and often neglect this part of their appearance. You should realize that neat eyebrows that are fashioned to go well with your face impart a balanced look to your features and highlight your eyes, thus enhancing your overall appearance. That is why many are prompted to trust the job of arching eyebrows, needing a few measurements and calculations to professionals. Basically, the process involves a few steps, mentioned below to get your brows perfectly tailored.

  1. Measuring the inside of your brow

This allows you to correctly position the starting point of your brow. Locating this point depends on the shape of your face and is significant when you want to make your eyes look brighter. Avoid getting your eyebrows too close to each other but at the same time they should not be too far away.

Hold a scale or your brow pencil vertically in a manner that it aligns with the inner corner of your eye. The point where this line intersects your brow is the ideal starting point of your brow.

This line is supposed to be close to the bridge of your nose and must not go beyond.

Having thus located the ideal starting point, you need to mark its position with a brow pencil.

  1. Finding the correct length


Some may have longer, fuller brows but others may have small, thin brows. You have to find the length that is perfect for you.

Now, take another measurement with a scale or eyebrow pencil. Keep one end of the scale at the corner of your nose and align it with the outer corner of the eye.

The point where the scale goes beyond the edge of the eye determines the perfect length of the eyebrow. Again, mark this point with an eyebrow pencil.


  1. Getting your arch

Align the scale with the bend of your nostril and the central point where your pupil would be if you were looking straight ahead. The extension of the scale into the brow is where your arch needs to be.

This should approximately equal ¾ of the way into the eyebrow from the starting point.

Care should be taken that the arch is not in the middle or close to the end of your eyebrow. Such a profile would give the false impression of boredom or surprise.

The arch should always form a natural curve and by no means should it have a sharp angle.

  1. Crafting the right shape

Using an eyebrow pencil, completely fill in your brow from its starting point to the ending point. Keep following the natural thickness of brows, but you may thin those if you find those too bushy or thick to your taste.

On filling your brows ahead of removing hair, you won’t have to remove too much and be more meticulous about the shape.

The brows should be at least as wide as three strokes of a brow pencil. If you make them too thin, they won’t be able to surround your face.

  1. Removing extra hair

With help of angled tweezers, you pull out hairs on the outside of the shaped brow. Do not pull out too many from above, because doing so can significantly change the angle and shape and make them markedly low. You should pluck those at the bottom and outer edges of the eyebrow.

Care should be taken to pull them from their base lest their tops should get broken.

Tweeze hairs from the middle of your eyebrows, over your nose, to help eliminating the likelihood of having a unibrow.

Don’t overlook pulling out those soft, peach fuzz hairs that frequently cover up the upper part of the eyelid. If left untouched, they may give the look of untamed brows.


  1. Trimming your brows

Use a small pair of hair scissors to trim the top ends of hairs that may be sticking out over the likely top of your brow.

Normally, the hairs nearing the middle of your face tend to grow upwards and have to be trimmed to go with the usual height of your brow.

If you have very long and wild eyebrows, you can use a brow comb to brush up the hairs and then trim the longest ones.

Excessive trimming of hair should be avoided as it can result to having jagged lines to the hairs in brows. Restrict trimming to too long hair only.