How safe is laser hair removal!

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laser hair removal

Most dermatologists agree that laser hair removal, which is getting popular by the day, is an effective way to permanently remove hair without causing any harm. The treatment is safe if performed by competent experienced hands. Different states have framed their own regulations for using and handling of laser machines for different treatments, including laser hair removal. However, a common regulation is that only a physician assistant under the supervision of a physician or an advanced registered nurse practitioner can perform laser hair removal. Many states make it mandatory for service providers to employ staff possessing state authorized certification. It is therefore vital for consumers to verify the credentials of service providers before patronizing their services.

laser-safety-glassSince the technique of laser hair removal involves targeting the pigment in hair, lasers can damage pigmented or darker skin as the laser would target both, the hair and the skin. So, laser hair removal is generally not recommended for people with dark skin. You should also know that light emitted by lasers can damage the eyes, making it vital for you to ensure that your eyes are covered with approved safety glasses when undergoing this treatment.

Well, another limitation, if it may be called so, is that laser hair removal can be addictive, meaning once you get treated for one area, you may be inclined to have similar treatment for other hairy spots on your body and that can harm your wallet!

Laser hair removal is associated with some degree of pain. Some people can bear it easily but others may find it a bit too painful. Numbing creams are usually used for reducing the sting. Use of strong numbing creams in large quantities for covering large skin areas under treatment needs to be avoided, as these can be toxic and may cause death in extreme circumstances. The cream should normally be applied thirty minutes before starting the procedure. Rubbing ice on the treated area at the end of the procedure also provides relief.

As already pointed out it is vital that the specialists handling laser equipment possesses the required experience and proficiency. Improper selection of appropriate laser and or its time setting, meaning the duration for which laser is applied to body, can cause unnecessary side effects like discoloration or burning of skin in extreme cases, white spots (hypo-pigmentation), swelling around the follicle, scab formation, flare of acne and infection. A professional, competent in selection and handling of laser machine with settings appropriate for an individual’s skin and the area under treatment can minimize these risks.

laser-hair-removalIn some cases, the individual undergoing laser hair removal may demonstrate side effects due an allergy to hair removing cream when used along with certain types of lasers.

Some usual side effects after laser hair removal treatments include pink skin, redness, itching and swelling around the treated area or swelling of the follicles (follicular edema). Nevertheless, these are not a cause of worry as these hardly last beyond two to three days. The two most frequent side effects are skin discoloration and acne.

Finally, you can be sure that laser hair removal is a safe and efficient way of eliminating unwanted hair as long as you are in competent hands and take the necessary precautions mention herein.