8 Amazing Body Language Improvement Tips for Salon Employees [Infographic]

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Body Language Improvement Tips

Do Your Best in the Beauty Business with the Right Body Language

When you work in a salon, you know that your ability to communicate clearly and effectively is critical for your success. More than half of what you communicate comes through in your body language, so you must know how your body language is conveyed. You should also understand its importance and know what you can do to improve it. This ensures that your clients are confident in your ability to deliver on exactly what they want.

What Your Clients Will Remember

When you are communicating with your clients, there are three things that they are looking at and listening to. Only 10 percent of the communication that you deliver orally is remembered. Visually, your clients only remember 20 percent. However, when you combine both oral and visual, which means a solid mixture of verbal communication and body language, 80 percent of what you convey is remembered. As you can see, your body language is critical in getting your message across.

The Factors Behind Your Communication

When you are talking to a client, you use three different mediums and you need to know how important each of these are. This allows you to use them at the right times and in the right ways to optimize your ability to speak honestly and genuinely to your clients. These three factors include:

  • Your words: The words that you use are responsible for seven percent of the communication process with your client.
  • Tone of voice: 38 percent of the message you convey is in your tone of voice.
  • Body language: Body language is responsible for 55 percent of your message.

The Body Language You Want to Work On

There are several types of body language to work on and these include:

  • Eye contact: Approximately 60 to 70 percent of the time, you want to make sure that you are maintaining eye contact with your client.
  • Arms: When it comes to salon environments, keep your arm movements balanced.
  • Mouth: Give a genuine smile and never bite your lip.
  • Posture: Stand up straight and be relaxed.
  • Hands: Keep your hands out and visible and never put them away.
  • Head: Nodding and tilting your head shows interest.
  • Space: Make sure to respect personal space.

Use this information to start working it into your business today. You will start noticing positive results in your return clientele and the overall satisfaction of those you are working with.

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