Body Language Improvement Tips

Do Your Best in the Beauty Business with the Right Body Language

When you work in a salon, you know that your ability to communicate clearly and effectively is critical for your success. More than half of what you communicate comes through in your body language, so you must know how your body language is conveyed. You should also understand its importance and know what you can do to improve it. This ensures that your clients are confident in your ability to deliver on exactly what they want.

What Your Clients Will Remember

When you are communicating with your clients, there are three things that they are looking at and listening to. Only 10 percent of the communication that you deliver orally is remembered. Visually, your clients only remember 20 percent. However, when you combine both oral and visual, which means a solid mixture of verbal communication and body language, 80 percent of what you convey is remembered. As you can see, your body language is critical in getting your message across.

The Factors Behind Your Communication

When you are talking to a client, you use three different mediums and you need to know how important each of these are. This allows you to use them at the right times and in the right ways to optimize your ability to speak honestly and genuinely to your clients. These three factors include:

  • Your words: The words that you use are responsible for seven percent of the communication process with your client.
  • Tone of voice: 38 percent of the message you convey is in your tone of voice.
  • Body language: Body language is responsible for 55 percent of your message.

The Body Language You Want to Work On

There are several types of body language to work on and these include:

  • Eye contact: Approximately 60 to 70 percent of the time, you want to make sure that you are maintaining eye contact with your client.
  • Arms: When it comes to salon environments, keep your arm movements balanced.
  • Mouth: Give a genuine smile and never bite your lip.
  • Posture: Stand up straight and be relaxed.
  • Hands: Keep your hands out and visible and never put them away.
  • Head: Nodding and tilting your head shows interest.
  • Space: Make sure to respect personal space.

Use this information to start working it into your business today. You will start noticing positive results in your return clientele and the overall satisfaction of those you are working with.

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Epilation or hair removal refers to intentional removal of unwanted hair from various parts of human body. Studying and removing hairs forms an interesting and important subject for professional beauticians as most people like getting rid of unwanted hair for reasons of personal hygiene or for having a smooth beautiful skin.

We know that except for some areas hair generally grows almost all over our body, though they tend to be thicker and more visible in case of men. Body hair in case of women is considered to be repulsive and unseemly. Since generation, women have been employing various techniques for eliminating hair from different parts of their body. However, techniques for doing the same have been changing and significantly modified over years.

depilationRemoving part of hair from the skin’s upper surface is known as depilation, the most common forms being trimming and shaving, which can be done manually or with electric razors. Hair removal in this case is temporary, and reappears in a matter of hours to a couple of days. Hair removing powders which eliminate hair through chemical reaction also deliver similar results.

However, when complete hair, including its part beneath the skin is removed, we call it as epilation. Different methods of epilation include waxing, sugaring and use of electrical and mechanical devices like lasers and epilators. Plucking of hair with tweezers falls in this category. Threading, waxing and sugaring have traditionally been used for eliminating unwanted hair. Epilation” or elimination of the complete hair from its root lasts much longer, varying from many days to weeks. As a result of epilation there is a continuous reduction in the growth of hair till it stops altogether.

The process of hair removal by use of waxes is very cumbersome, quite painful and time consuming and won’t suit lifestyle of most modern women and men. This has encouraged the popularity of electrical epilators which are operated by electric current. Mainly, there are two kinds of electrical epilators. Here’s a brief description of the two:



This process involves insertion of a needle or probe into the hair follicle, followed by application of low intensity electric current, which passes through the metallic probe to produce an electric shock that destroys the root of each follicle. Since the arrangement targets individual hair follicle at a time, it usually needs a long time and a number of sessions. Additionally, the person undergoing electrolysis also experiences a pricking sensation on their skin.

Laser Hair Removal

This process comprises of application of laser beams to hair follicles. The laser beam is attracted by the melanin pigment present in hair and skin. It produces heat sufficient to burn down the hair follicle. Since the laser beam is attracted by the color or pigment, it may fail to produce the desired effect on people with white, gray or blond hair.

Laser hair removal provides a permanent or long-lasting solution to many people. It mostly destroys the active hair follicles but not the dormant ones, which do not produce adequate amount of melanin to attract laser beams. Compared to conventional methods of removing hair like threading and waxing, it causes very little discomfort.


Laser hair removal is convenient, effective and can aim a large are at the same time. That is why it is less time consuming, compared to electrolysis. The only limitation of this technique is that its effectiveness varies with the color of hair of an individual, which is not so in case of electrolysis.

So, if you want to enhance your professional qualifications as a beautician or wish to join this profession that offers a lot of potential, you should surely consider joining a reputable institute offering a formal course in laser hair removal or electrolysis. It should be added here that for working as a hair removal technician you need to ensure that the institute providing training is certified by sate health authorities. It is mandatory for such institutes to employ Senior Laser Hair Removal Technicians or Certified Laser Hair Removal Professionals (CLHRP) for providing the needed training. It may call for some research on your part to locate some such institutes. You can compare the course content of different institutes, how long have they been in operation, duration and fees of the course and their location. Usually, you can find all the needed information from the website of respective institution and you can always contact them to get any additional information that you may require.


There are many girls, some of whom may even be blow eighteen year of ages, who are keen to get rid of hair on different parts of body for whatever reasons. It may be due peer pressure. A young girl with excessive hair on her body may easily get conscious of her appearance, especially so when she happens to be an aspiring model or an athlete for whom getting rid of hair can make or mar her career. So, they look for options that can eliminate unwanted hair from their body and fortunately there are many in this era, including laser hair removal.

Let’s look at the options a young girl has for removing unnecessary hair from her body.

waxingShaving is quite a popular option but it could cause ‘shaving bumps’ or ingrown hairs. Hair removing creams are known to cause chemical burns. Now, waxing is effective on grown up hairs, which is often not the case with young girls or teenagers. Compared to all these options, laser hair removal is safe for any part of body as laser don’t go beyond the second layer of skin, which houses hair follicles.

In fact, the technique of laser hair removal has no bearing on the age of the person undertaking this treatment. The risks associated with laser hair removal remain unchanged with age. So, even young girls can opt for this. However, those below eighteen years of age need the presence of either parent along with their written consent at the time of the first session. It is imperative that right laser be used and the candidate must follow the recommended aftercare. Though the risks are very rare, one should always discuss beforehand the subject with laser professional.

laser-hair-removalUsually, the minimum age recommended for removing hair through laser is fourteen years. However most experts are of the view that the teens should have gone through puberty and in case of girls their menstrual cycle should have started. Girls should be stable hormonally and not have any medical conditions like Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS).

However, it should be added here that the result may be quite temporary during early teen years as hormones are rapidly undergoing change and growth of hair is rampant. More than usual number of treatments may be needed, bringing the overall expense high. It may be worthwhile looking for an experienced and reputed provider who offers discounted prices for teens. Treatments are certainly far more effective after hormones get regulated, generally in the age group of seventeen to nineteen years.

Moreover, the younger girls need to be matured enough to cope with any discomfort during the process of laser hair removal and be disciplined to follow the treatment schedule. It is imperative that the teen takes all the post-treatment precautions like keeping away from the sun and restricting strenuous exercises for a couple of days.

The teen years form a significant phase for building self-esteem. If you are feeling insecure and unhappy about your body, discuss with your parents if it will be right for you to go for laser hair removal.